Ice: From Saint Martin With Wisdom

TThe producer Sherman de Vries, more known as Ice, is featured in a recent video interview by Johnson Fabre. Fabre is a Saint Martin-based producer and network marketer, currently working on his interview series “Talent in You”.

In the video, Ice talks about his life as a music producer and how he got started on Saint Martin. At the age of fourteen, he was working on his own music. After meeting a local producer, Ice got a job in a professional studio where he learned a lot. He improved his skills as a producer by remixing songs and collaborating with other musicians.

How do you stay inspired?“, Fabre asks. Ice says that he gets inspired and motivated by other, better producers. However, he found that the island of  Saint Martin restricted his creativity; therefore, he made a trip Jamaica. There he met up with producers and musicians, which inspired him a lot. Getting out of your comfort zone, especially geographically, can benefit your creative side.

He’s also got some tips for upcoming music producers: “Learn how to receive critique“, he says. According to Ice, some producers have an ignorant attitude and give up too easily. Through constructive critique, you’re able to improve, which is exactly what Ice did: When he received negative feedback from someone, Ice worked on it and then got back to the same person to present the improved production. “Keep beating on your craft and don’t let anyone stop you. Believe in what you do – you can achieve it.

For the full interview, see below.

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a Swedish journalist, student and bass player, with a passion for music Tarantino-flicks.