Music-Related Multi-Channel Networks: The Guide

WWhether you’ve never heard of an MCN or whether you’ve been with one since last year for heavens’ sake, we thought you’d appreciate a quick roundup of the music-related MCNs currently in operation.

First, what is an MCN?

A multi-channel network (MCN) is an organisation affiliated with YouTube which provides services for artists and labels In exchange for an AdSense revenue percentage, MCN’s oversee channel monetisation – usually claiming to generate a higher CPM for their clients, cross-promotion, funding, partner management, digital rights management, audience development and production-streamlining.

What’s in this list?

We took SocialBlade’s top 100 and extracted all the music-related MCNs. Interesting to see there are 5 Korean labels in the top 100 worldwide!

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We also identified which MCNs are open to new label and artist clients. Some MCNs require a pre-existing contract – e.g. unless you’re part of the Warner Music Group, you’re not going to have access to their MCN. The MCNs open to new clients are marked as **Open** and we’ve provided a link to their contact page.

Key factors in MCN deals

You need to consider length of contract, range of services, level of support and financial deal. In turn, MCNs will assess your channel metrics – subscribers, views, likes, comments and your content strategy – scheduling, optimisation and content quality. Look out for more about creating a content strategy in future features from Radar.

Do you need to join an MCN?

No, you don’t. Most things an MCN does for you, you can do for yourself by following the YouTuber’s bible – the YouTube Playbook.

MCNs negotiate higher CPMs – which arguably you lose in your fees to them.

BUT they can represent better value than the cost of DIY plus they do have power in their other relationships – e.g. in cross-channel collaborations and in brokering sponsorships.

Music-related MCNs


  • Current Ranking: #1
  • The largest independent YouTube network, with over 3 billion monthly views.
  • Channels Include: Electronic Division, Fullscreen Artist Mix, NBC Universal, FOX, FremantleMedia, JASH, WIGS.


  • Current Ranking: #2
  • Video hosting service operated by Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media.
  • Channels Include: RihannaVEVO, OneDirectionVEVO, EminemVEVO, KatyPerryVEVO, TaylorSwiftVEVO.
  • Open: Labels/other aggregators can approach Vevo direct. Individual artists can get onto the Vevo network via “open” partner MCNs.

Maker Studios

  • Current Ranking: #11
  • Creating video content for YouTube, with over 1 billion views per month.
  • Channels Include: Maker Music, Tessa Violet, Bart Baker, KassemG, Epic Rap Battles of History.

Base 79

  • Current Ranking – Base79 have multiple CMS’, analysis by Enders placed them at #10 at the time of writing
  • The largest Multi Channel Network in EMEA. Channels receive over 750 million monthly views.
  • Channels Include: The Football Association, Ministry of Sound, Zodiak Entertainment, Domino Records, Guiness World Records, Hat Trick Productions.

Collective Digital Studio

  • Current Ranking: #11
  • Promoting and monetising YouTube music channels and cultivate off-YouTube networks.


  • Current Ranking: #12
  • Music focussed YouTube network monetising channels while managing rights and integrity.
  • Channels Include: Tyga, Hopsin, Inna, Talib Kweli


  • Current Ranking: #14
  • Managing the video channels of notable record labels.
  • Channels Include: Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records, Parlophone Records, Metropolis Records.

Big Frame

  • Current Ranking: #19
  • Focussed on bringing high quality YouTube channels and advertisers together.
  • Channels Include: Laina, The Nerdwriter, Decision Music.

The Orchard

  • Current Ranking: #21
  • Independent music and video distribution.
  • Channels Include: OrchardMusic, The Orchard Movies, TheOrchardSports

Believe Digital

  • Current Ranking: #23
  • European distribution and digital services for independent artists & labels.
  • Channels Include: Fatboy Slim, Scorpio Music, Halidon Music

Mnet (South Korea)

  • Current Ranking: #28
  • Music television and youth oriented channel in South Korea.

Spinnin Records

  • Current Ranking: #34
  • The world’s #1 dance music channel.
  • Channels Include: Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Avicii.


  • Current Ranking: #40
  • Managing the online content of notable recording labels.
  • Channels Include: Columbia Records, Epic Records RCA Records, Legacy Recordings.

Universal Music Group

  • Current Ranking: #41
  • Channels Include: KatyPerryVEVO, LordeVEVO, EminemVEVO

T Series Music (India)

  • Current Ranking: #43
  • India’s largest Music company
  • Channels Include: T-Series Apna Punjab, T-Series Regional, T-Series Bhakti.

GMMGrammy (Thailand)

  • Current Ranking: #50
  • Thailand’s largest media conglomerate.
  • Channels Include: GMM Grammy International.

BoomVideo (Australia & New Zealand)

  • Current Ranking: #53
  • “The best Aussie and Kiwi content on YouTube”
  • Channels Include: GZee Productions, JesseMannMusic, Lukas Jury.

Rumblefish CD Baby

  • Current Ranking: #55
  • Indie music distributor and artist resource.
  • Channels Include: CD Baby Video


  • Current Ranking: #57
  • Digital media distribution company.
  • Channels Include: The Crystal Method, Skull, Ky-Mani Marley.

SMENT (South Korea)

  • Current Ranking: #58
  • Independent Korean record label.
  • Channels Include: Kangta, BoA, Super Junior, EXO.


  • Current Ranking: #59
  • Digital distribution service and fan engagement platform.


  • Current Ranking: #64
  • YouTube’s largest music network.
  • Channels Include: Reach Records, A-Trak, Diplo, MajorLazer, Brendan Benson

Som Livre (Brazil)

  • Current Ranking: #66
  • Brazilian Record Company.
  • Channels Include: Claudia Leitte, Victor e Leo, Michel Telo.


  • Current Ranking: #69
  • Korean free music distribution service.
  • Channels Include: SkilleR, Mile Kitic, Vlado Georgiev

YGENT (South Korea)

  • Current Ranking: #71
  • Korean label and talent agency marketing music recording/publishing and artist management.
  • Channels Include: WINNER, OfficialPSY, BIGBANG.

LOENENT (South Korea)

  • Current Ranking #72
  • South Korean record label.
  • Channels Include: OFFICIAL YNB, PURE, Neganetwork.


  • Current Ranking: #86
  • Independent record label, part of the PIAS Entertainment Group.
  • Channels Include: Alt-J, PixiesOfficialTV, PassengerMusic.


  • Current Ranking: #93
  • The largest music publishing company in the world.


  • Current Ranking: #94
  • Multinational music publishing company headquartered in London.
  • Channels Include: BlocPartyOfficial, M83, The Prodigy.


  • Current Ranking: #95
  • Managing the video channels of notable record labels.
  • Channels Include: Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records, Parlophone Records, Metropolis Records.


  • Current Ranking: #97
  • Royalty free sound effects and music.

Other MCNs of note:


  • Current Ranking: Unlisted
  • Promoting and monetising the YouTube channels of numerous independent and signed musicians.
  • Open: They manage a tiny unsigned artist/covers channel called OpenLBL Apply here


  • Current Ranking: Unlisted
  • Music distribution and rights management.


  • Current Ranking: Unlisted
  • All Def Music will be the first major label-affiliated music company created specifically to sign, develop and promote artists on YouTube. Exists as a YouTube channel though the website isn’t live yet


  • Current Ranking: Unlisted
  • Managing content owners’ rights online.


  • Current Ranking: Unlisted
  • Music industry company specialising in digital distribution, publishing and online marketing of music and video content.
  • Channels Include: Gotye, Pandorum, Major Label, Possum Records.

This guide to music-related MCNs was produced to promote the 2014 SxSW panel “The Perfect YouTube Presence: Channels, Collabs and UGC“. Radar CEO Caroline Bottomley moderated, panel members are Patrick Walker, ex YouTube and now Base 79, Del Dias AEI Media which includes UKF and Zac Vibert from Hospital Recordsю

Caroline Bottomley is CEO of Radar. Radar is an award-winning network of over 10,000 music videos directors worldwide, helping labels and artists commission exciting, engaging music videos for affordable budgets, specifically between $800 and $8,000.