Creating An EP In 24 Hours

AA new recording project based in Nashville, 24HR Records, challenges 3 musicians who have never met before to write, record, and produce 3 new songs in 24 hours. Packed into a studio from noon to noon and pushing through exhaustion, the 3 hand-picked musicians and the team of producers work through the day and night to create a 3-song EP.

Creating an EP in 24 Hours

24HR Records // Taro

Known for its accessibility to world-class recording facilities, Nashville makes the perfect home for 24HR Records. Using a new studio for each recording session, 24HR Records gives the musicians total access to a variety of instruments and recording gear to explore their creativity – how they use the tools and space is up to them.

Although only 2 years old, 24HR Records has already put its fair share of Nashville’s creative leaders to tape, such as Brooke Waggoner, members of Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, and Joseph Lemay. Created by producers Michael Hardesty and Stephen Turney, the goal of 24HR Records is to highlight the creative process and the ability to create within constraints. Working against the clock, swift decision making is the only way a 24HR Record project finishes in time.

Recently celebrating their 8th episode release with a band called “Taro,” 24HR Record’s founder, Michael Hardesty, is proud of how far the project has come in just 2 years.

“Taro,” comprised of Nicholas Roberts (And the Giraffe), Dan Snyder (Paper Lights), and Thomas Doeve (INTL), was recorded at Nashville’s newly opened 1092 Studios and is available for streaming below: