MGT05: From Dubplates To DJ Promo Subscriptions – Chris Gorsuch (Promo Hutt)

TThis episode will be particularly interesting to DJs and electronic music label owners. As the former want to play exclusive unreleased material in their sets, and the latter – their releases to appear in radio shows, live sets and charts. And I just talked to a representative of a new online service serving both parties.

Promo Hutt

Promo Hutt

In this DJ-driven culture, promos have always been playing a crucial role. You will learn why, as well as how DJs get pre-released tunes and what labels do to get better exposure, in this conversation with Chris Gorsuch from Promo Hutt – a new promo subscription service.

Among covered topics:

  • What Promo Hutt is.
  • The culture of dubplates (or dubs).
  • How to approach labels and producers about getting pre-release access to their music.
  • Importance of networking for DJs.
  • How to make yourself more attractive to labels and producers.
  • What does promos distribution give record labels.
  • Promotional strategy for new releases.
  • Are press releases still relevant?
  • Non-traditional marketing in electronic music.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: