Gear Up With Equipboard

HHave you ever wondered what kind of guitar your favorite guitarist uses or what mixing board a certain DJ has? Equipboard claims to have the answers to your questions; presenting many artists and bands, and their equipment. But Equipboard isn’t only a place for you to scour artists’ and band’s gear, but also where you can showcase your own equipment.

Is Equipboard the go-to site for gear geeks? Let’s find out!

Equipboard logo

Equipboard logo.

Your own profile consists of – apart from info, a profile picture and your followers/following-amount – your gear photos, “Want”-list and “Have”-list. You can create your own equipment board by searching for the gear that you own. If you come across some equipment that you desire, either because an artist uses it or if it’s on your wish list, you can add it to your “Want”-list.

Equipboard also has a feature called “Gear IQ”: a point system that rewards users for doing certain tasks on the site, such as commenting and spotting equipment that pro is using. The feature is actually quite good at spurring you to be more active and contributive on the site.

Most of the artist profile pages are quite meaty, providing all sorts of information about their gear – ranging from what strings Dave Grohl has on his guitar to what kind of software Headhunterz uses. There are also user reviews of certain items, which proves useful if you’re wondering whether you should spend your hard-earned cash on that new shiny piece of equipment or not.

Even though some artists’ equipment-lists are quite meager at the moment, Equipboard has a lot of potential and will hopefully grow to encompass even more artists. A positive thing is that the site looks good and is easy to navigate.

Equipboard screenshot

If you want to show of your equipment or see what the pros are using – Equipboard has got it covered. With a bigger community and more featured artists, the site may become the ideal place for gear-heads.

And if you’re a We Spin-member using Equipboard, be sure to add the product to your “Have”-list, found < a target="_blank" rel="follow" href="" target="_blank">here.

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a Swedish journalist, student and bass player, with a passion for music Tarantino-flicks.