13 Most Interesting Music Tech Creations Hacked Out At MIDEM 2014

TThink you can create an innovation in just 2 days? Thats exactly what the folks at Midem Music Hack Day hacked up within the stipulated time of 48 hours.

Cannes Burn

Cannes Burn

The event is part of the Midem international music conference held in Cannes. Music Ally and Hypebot made a roundup of the 25 most exciting hacks of the day, and we packed 13 of them together below.

  • Cannes Burn, by Paul Lamere is a dynamic music visualisation of the song ‘Burn’ by Ellie Goulding. Burn uses data from The Echo Nest to synchronise the visualisation to the song.
  • This is your tour, by Sam Phippen, allows arists to quickly and easily list all the cities and venues they should visit by intelligently querying datasets around the internet.
  • nikantas, by Sabrina Leandro, enables you to learn with music by filling the blanks in lyrics of your favourite English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, or Italian artists, and by recognising specific words in songs.
  • Bang the Biebs, by Robin Johnson, is a Javascript game bringing the fun of exploding Justin Bieber’s head along to the sounds of an epic soundtrack, collecting points and laughing at Miley Cyrus into one amazing package.
  • PhatStats, by Syd Lawrence, enables you to discover up and coming talent across the social web, and to monitor your videos and their engagement levels across the social web.
  • That One Song, by Matthew Ogle, tells you immediately the one song you should hear first when you type in a band’s name. The recommendations are made by the Jam community, and the tool is powered by This Is My Jam’s upcoming song graph functionality.
  • VideoFairy, by Suzie Blackman, finds music videos from artists you’ll like with a simple interface that works with a keyboard. Designed for ‘lean back’ TV viewing with minimum interaction, it allows you to sit back and watch new music recommended from your last.fm profile.
  • Jubal, by Cédric S, enables you to watch music videos that were posted recently on Facebook by your friends. By loving or killing the tracks, Jubal learns your taste and represents it as a tag cloud.
  • PartySaver for Deezer, by John-Philip Johansson, Jonas Karlman and Johan Ström, allows you to remote control Deezer music gives you visualisations to pump your party.
  • ScapeList, by Mohamed Sordo, lets you attach a song to a picture you take with your smartphone, and collects other songs attached to the same landscape by other users to create playlists.
  • seevl hipster, by Alexandre Passant, gives you the ability to find obscure artists that match your friend tastes, and show-off on their Facebook wall.
  • DJ Spotify. The hack gives users the ability to play full DJ sets, including beat-matching and effects, with Spotify as the content source. A second instance of Spotify is hosted in a virtual machine allowing two consecutive streams.
  • Skrillex Invader 20, by Vivien Barousse, is a small game designed to help you improve your skills on a piano keyboard: imagine Guitar Hero meets Space Invaders meets Skrillex meets a Piano Keyboard.