Musicmetric’s Latest Features Help Better Locate Fans And Identify Trends

TTools to discover future hit makers, locate fans via Twitter and automatically analyse performance are at the heart of a features overhaul unveiled for Musicmetric at MIDEM last month.

With the newly announced Musicmetric Explore, radio programmers, A&R executives, and concert promoters can access an overview of various sectors of the market. Users can then filter selections through criteria, such as genre, location or performance across a specific social media channel.

Musicmetric Explore is mainly targeted at brands and agencies looking to find the artists best suited to their products, although there is a number of ways the new tools can be useful for artists and music brands as well.

Another feature, currently in alpha, called Musicmetric Insights, automatically analyses performances across billions of fan interactions to produce at-a-glance graphs and summaries.

I’ve just tested it on several artists and while there may be not too many important “insights” for projects with moderate following, data for the bigger artists seems interesting. Couple random examples, “Daily SoundCloud plays for ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ by Beyoncé reached a 10 month high on 15 February 2014. (10.9k daily plays)” or “Daily fans on SoundCloud for Beyoncé reached a 2 month high on 16 February 2014. (2.8k daily fans)” (a one-shot campaign in the middle of February or another sign that major artists embrace Soundcloud more?)

Beyoncé's Insights on Musicmetric Pro

Beyoncé’s Insights on Musicmetric Pro

Some insights also sound fairly entertaining, like “OneRepublic moved up from position 92 to 72 in the Fan Chart overtaking Metallica.” Overall though, Musicmetric is doing a great job, even despite the Alpha status of the Insights section.

Among other additions to the Pro version service are Twitter mentions and geo-tagging information.

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