S3stat For Podcast Analytics

YYou probably know about the WeSpin Recipes podcast, but what you probably don’t know is that the podcast’s files are hosted on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). And every time you stream or download an episode from iTunes, an MP3 file is accessed from S3.

S3Stat Dashboard

S3Stat Dashboard

While the service is great and affordable, there were certain stats that we wanted to know after running the podcast for few months. How do listeners access the podcast? From what browsers or apps? How many times has an episode been streamed? And when do people stream it?

We got the data we wanted with S3stat, and can recommend it to anyone hosting their podcasts with Amazon S3.

S3stat is a service that turns the original, cluttered data from Amazon’s Cloudfront and S3 into comprehensible and reader-friendly charts and graphs. It compliments Cloudfront and S3 by adding detailed reporting and web log analysis and statistics. For us, S3stat is like Google Analytics for podcasts.

The S3stat reports are highly detailed and easy to read, providing statistics on everything from traffic, locations, browser data and other listener data.

You can find a sample report at this location, and for more information about S3stat, check out their website at s3stat.com.