New Music-Focused Podcast Network Jabberjaw Media Launches

JJabberjaw Media, a new music-focused podcast network was launched last week. Founded by Matt Carter (Emery, The BadChristian Podcast), Nick Bunda (BadChristian Producer), and Mike Mowery (Outerloop Management) the new network promises free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from it’s creators.

Jabber Jaw

The trio formed the network after seeing that there was a need for podcasts to collectively strategize and find ways to build stronger audiences through cross-promotion and shared resources.

Nick Bunda (Producer of The BadChristian Podcast) had this to say about the Jabberjaw Podcast Network Launch:

“We’re here to develop new ideas and ways to create great shows with other artists. Due to our success with BadChristian, Matt Carter and I were being approached to develop and produce podcasts for other talented people in the music industry. Jabberjaw Media became the obvious next step. With our experience and past successes, as well as the addition of Mike Mowery, we knew that the three of us could expect to achieve even greater success by creating Jabberjaw Media and collaborating with other talented people.”

Jabberjaw Media has currently developed and launched two brand new shows, Lead Singer Syndrome with Shane Told (of Silverstein) and The Art Collective with Stephen Christian (formerly of Anberlin).

Check them out and let us know what you think about this new artist-friendly podcast network on Twitter at @dottedmusic

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