MGT27: BoomboxFM, Music Curation And Promotion – Michael Hoy

MMichael Hoy, the co-founder of BoomboxFM, talks on the evolution of the platform – from Indie Bundles, to Music Box, to its current (and final) title, BoomboxFM.

BoomboxFM is a discovery platform for music listeners, and a very targeted marketing platform for musicians. Listen to this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode to learn how it can work for you both as a music listener and an artist.

Some of the topics covered in the podcast episode:

Michael Hoy On BoomboxFM Launch And Music Curation

Michael Hoy

  • What BoomboxFM does for a fan and a musician.
  • The “engageable fan funnel”.
  • Limited music vs. unlimited music.
  • Partnering human and technical curation.
  • The challenge of bringing music fans to the platform.
  • What’s next for BoomboxFM.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: