MGT51: Peertracks, Rockin’ The Block(chain) – Cédric Cobban

TThe lunch line was bustling in the Hoya food court. The Future of Music Coalition’s 15th Annual Policy Summit was well underway at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and I was hungry. I had set out to procure a veggie burger. I found it, and the future of music sales. And to think I would have been excited about a side of fries…

It happened like this: While waiting in the cue, two guys in Peertracks polo shirts walked up, also foraging for lunch. We got to chatting, and they explained how they were building a way to sell music with blockchain technology (think Bitcoin), and take it directly peer-to-peer. “Like an iTunes killer?” I queried, eagerly asking if they’d do an interview. The result of this conversation is what you’ll hear in a moment.

Peer Tracks

Peer Tracks

Founder Cédric Cobban took the time to explain how Peertracks is building a system that incentivizes music discovery, gives unprecedented access to fans by existing artists, solves metadata puzzles moving forward, slashes fees on sales by an order of magnitude, and creates brave new worlds of brand-artist collaborations. Best of all, the system they champion isn’t tied to their company. The platform is independent, transparent, and from what I can tell, the Future. Without further ado, here’s my conversation with Cédric.

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Listen to the episode below.

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