Managing Merch On The Road With Merch Cat

TThe recently launched mobile and web app Merch Cat lets you take every opportunity to turn stagefront into storefront, making it easy to handle the business end of being on tour.

As an artist manager, Vanessa Ferrer saw the importance of merch sales for both revenue and branding. At one particular show, she went to look for an app to help her manage the merch table – but couldn’t find it.

Merch Cat at CMJ 2015

Merch Cat at CMJ 2015

A tough job to manage excel sheets on the road, and keeping track of inventory, she was surprised to find that no one had created an all-in-one app for keeping track of merch.

Being a true entrepreneur, she created Merch Cat (available on the App Store – no Android version as of yet).

Merch Cat comes with some pre-determined categories like shirts, hats, CDs and more, but users can easily add in their own products and create new categories.

You can take credit card payments directly in the app and have the money deposited to your band’s PayPal account, or simply take cash (van gas money!) and keep track of your inventory easily.

There’s a 30 day free trial, and it’s $7.99/mo after that with full functionality. Vanessa adds, “We just really wanted it to be accessible and make merch management affordable for any band or artist”.