Dotted Music Partners With SplashFlood, An Exciting New App For Musicians

DDotted Music is proud to announce that it is now working with SplashFlood, a free mobile app currently being developed to help talented musicians.



Both Dotted Music and SplashFlood understand all the challenges that artists face in today’s music industry in terms of building a fan base and getting their music heard. In this digital era which is overwhelmed with music, SplashFlood will be a free app that will allow musicians of all genres to share, promote, and get feedback on their music on a new social networking platform. The app will offer a whole new way for artists to expose their work to new audiences, all while getting the validation they deserve and without having to spend big budgets on promotional campaigns or advertising. Musicians will be able to improve the way they get their music out there, with some help from other like-minded musicians.

SplashFlood’s mission is similar to Dotted Music’s in that both want to enable musicians to take control of their professional music careers. SplashFlood believes that ‘real talent can come from anywhere’ which is why they are introducing this app that will ultimately reward talent regardless of where you’re from or how far along your music career you are.

The free app is set to launch in late spring this year, but you can sign up at this location as of now to be among the first artists to get access to this great new platform.