ToneDen: A Modern Platform For Modern Musicians

TToneden has quickly become a familiar name in the electronic music world. The platform is run by a forward-thinking three man team, who are committed to providing tools that enable artists to build a true fan base and connect with those fans as easily as possible.

These tools include online press kits, artist profile pages (which can be used as a website), a powerful social media analytics suite and a tool that allows you to embed your Soundcloud tracks in a far more customizable and beautiful way.

However, the most popular tool at present is the “follow on Soundcloud for free download” feature, which is a vital tool for building a following on Soundcloud and thus extending your fanbase.

Another really cool feature worth mentioning is that when a Toneden user follows you they automatically also follow you on Soundcloud, which is quite a nifty feature.

The video above (although a bit out of date) goes into more detail of how to sign up, navigate the platform and set things up.

To get the most out of it though, you should experiment with the platform and see how it best suites you and your music.