MGT71: The Music Business Is All About Who You Know – Dearbhla Trainor

DDearbhla Trainor truly has a well-rounded perspective of all aspects of the music industry.

As a singer-songwriter, having worked at a major record label and a booking agency, Dearbhla (pronounced as Dervla) has collected a lot of invaluable knowledge and contacts over the recent years. And now, she shares the knowledge in her bi-weekly podcast, called The One Sheet. The show features one-on-one conversations with some of the biggest names in the business, and covers fields like booking, A&R, social media, or even music mastering.

Today, Dearbhla takes a role of an interviewee as a guest of the WeSpin Recipes podcast. Listen to this episode to hear a bunch of specific tips on networking and reaching out to labels and press, to learn about the art of accepting failure as a learning opportunity, to run a simple exercise which will help you understand how you (as a brand and a person) is perceived by others, and much more.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Dearbhla Trainor

Dearbhla Trainor

  • Music industry is about who you know – which doesn’t mean you need any contacts to get started.
  • “Social life is your work life”
  • On never missing opportunities.
  • How to network online (with an example).
  • The right questions to ask an A&R rep at a label.
  • “Find what makes you unique and amplify that.”
  • An exercise to understand how you are perceived by others.

Listen to the episode below.

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