MGT106: How An American Hip Hop Artist Travelled To North Korea To Play Hockey – Alex Frecon

AAlex Frecon is a hip hop artist and a media producer turned copywriter from Minneapolis. With many funny and experimental projects behind his back, the biggest one so far is a trip Alex made in March 2017…

Alex Frecon

Alex Frecon

The trip was to North Korea. To play hockey against the North Korean Men’s National Hockey Team.

Alex brought his GoPro along for the ride, and created a video about the trip. You can watch it at the link below, we highly recommend you doing that after listening to this episode (which may give you a better context to the story).

Listen to this Music Growth Talks episode to find out more about Alex’ experience in North Korea and how it helped promote his music, to see the true power of storytelling, and to learn how Alex applied the hedgehog theory to his music creation.

You can listen to today’s episode below:

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