MGT115: 5-Phase Plan For Making Money At Every Gig You Play – Greg Wilnau

GGreg Wilnau is the founder of Musician Monster, where he teaches independent artists how to brand themselves and earn sustainable income through live shows, among other music marketing and business topics. Two years ago Greg and his wife sold their house in Florida to start travelling the world and working remotely full time.

Greg Wilnau

Greg Wilnau

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Greg talked about his new lifestyle and finding the reason he was not making money with his own band, and how he acted upon the discovery.

Listen to the episode in full to learn Greg’s five-phase strategy for earning income at every gig, packed with a ton of actionable hacks, insights in artist branding (and how it’s very different from branding a “regular” business), as well as a look into how to sell when you hate being a salesman.

You can listen to today’s episode at or below:

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