New Platform SynthFeed Creates Gateway for Emerging Producers to Get Feedback from Professionals

WWith concerts cancelled due to COVID-19, many producers are spending more time at home working on their music. With the increasing number of songs getting released every day on streaming platforms, it’s only been getting harder for artists to get their music heard, let alone get feedback on their work in order to create better sounding music.



This is where the new platform SynthFeed comes in. Designed to fill the gap in the industry where otherwise producers’ work never gets any constructive feedback, the platform has created a space where growth and improvement is made easy. SynthFeed has done this by partnering with a number of successful music industry producers and professionals in the electronic music space, such as LöKii, Fairlane, Kuuro, among others. Many of these professionals have worked with industry titans such as Flume, Kaskade, Slowthai, and more.

Where platforms like Submithub allow artists to submit songs to playlist curators, influencers and music blogs for consideration or feedback, SynthFeed focuses on providing producers with feedback on their work through a number of in-depth evaluations of both creative and technical aspects of their production. The main area where the feedback is more valuable to emerging producers is that it is provided by successful industry professionals, and include evaluations on: mixing and mastering, melodies and vocals, drums and percussion, sound design, and more. This makes the feedback constructive and quantifiable, and also allows the artist to track their improvements over a period of time.

SynthFeed works on a credit purchase basis, where the emerging producer submits their track to the professionals of their choice for a number of credits purchased via the platform. Feedback is then received within 72 hours, otherwise the credits get refunded. As such, the platform creates an additional income stream to music professionals that work with SynthFeed to provide feedback to up-and-coming producers.

SynthFeed has just launched, you can check it out at

This post was written as an informative piece for readers of the Dotted Music Blog and although the post was neither requested nor sponsored by SynthFeed, Dotted Music has provided SynthFeed with paid consultation services.