How to Elevate Your Music Career During the Pandemic

TThe global pandemic has had a devastating effect on the careers of many musicians. With all large gatherings canceled, many performers are left with little or no income. Rather than give up on your music career, you can find creative ways to move forward and become a better artist.

One way to get started is to connect virtually with professionals in the industry, such as Dotted Music. Read on for other tips to creatively grow your career despite the pandemic.

Perform virtual gigs

How to Elevate Your Music Career During the Pandemic

How to Elevate Your Music Career During the Pandemic

Livestream concerts don’t need to be charity events. There are ways to charge ‘admission’ and take donations. Consider performing through an online concert venue or collecting donations through apps (such as Venmo or Ca$happ) if you perform on social media platforms. While these won’t be as lucrative as in-person gigs, they’re a great way to stay afloat and promote your band. By continuing to make music and connect with fans (even if virtually), you’ll be better prepared to step back into the business once social distancing requirements are lifted.

However, performing virtually requires a very different skillset than giving a live show. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, figure out the technology in advance. Make sure all your devices are fully charged or plugged in, and turn off any distracting push notifications. When performing, be sure to engage with your viewers and keep the conversation going so that it doesn’t feel like you’re singing into the void.

Safely perform in person

Virtual gigs can’t replace the real thing, so consider finding ways to perform in person while still social distancing. You could offer a musical telegram or personal serenade service and perform outside people’s homes — for around $200 per song or telegram. You may be surprised at the number of people who would love to give the gift of music for birthdays, anniversaries, or ‘just because.’

Another way to perform in person in the era of COVID-19 is to take your music outdoors. Consider giving performances at outdoor venues that allow small groups of people to follow social distancing requirements. Even if these ‘gigs’ require everyone to be six feet apart from one another, they can still be fun. Keep in mind that people are stuck at home, bored, and desperately need music in their lives, so even small performances can have a big impact.

Develop your talent

Although the pay-off won’t be immediate, you can keep your career moving forward by making new music while you’re stuck at home. If you’re a singer-songwriter, consider working on a new album. Don’t worry if you don’t have the ideal set-up or technology at home because you can find music producers services online. Making records will always be a collaborative process, and you can still collaborate with other artists and band members remotely.

If you’re not at the stage of recording a new album yet, consider using the time at home to master a new instrument or work with a vocal coach. You can even bring in some extra income by working as a freelance vocal coach yourself. Anything you do to hone your craft and keep the creative fire burning will help you develop as an artist.

Although the music industry is still reeling from the effects of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean that your music career has to be over. By finding new ways to perform, staying connected, and developing your talents, you can create income from music to ride out the rest of the pandemic. The world will always need music, and you’ll be there when it opens up again.

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