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Multi-Instrumentalism: The Double Edged Sword Of Musical Progression

Achieving the special skill of mastering more than one musical instrument does not come without the risk of huge pitfalls.


Boombox Bounceback: Vintage Music Trends 2013

More people are looking forward to looking back in 2013: back to a time when vinyl was king in everything from records to bar schools. Learn how our listening trends have evolved over the years – and how they’re circling back around.

On Getting That Work Done!

It’s easy to do a technical tutorial on how to perform something with a sequencer, but it’s different telling people something that has to do with the mental side of things rather than technical.

On Patience, Hard Work, And Being An Artist

This blog post comes courtesy of Finnish drum & bass artist Fanu, real name Janne Hatula. Trust us, it IS inspiring, so please read on.

What Bands Should Do To Prepare For Their First Studio Album

If you’re preparing to record your first studio album, you’re probably dealing with a mix of emotions that range from excitement to pure fear. To ensure the recording process goes smoothly, though, you need to put these feelings on the back burner and prepare yourself in the following ways.

‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ – The Perils Of Band Budgeting

Budgeting is something that I witness independent acts royally cocking up all the time; even some of the more successful ones.