Be Visible From Space: How To Start Boosting Your Image

I learned a lesson last year when I was playing my first stadium gig. Visibility, be it literally, such as highway safety colored guitars, or from a multitude of positive interactions with people, is something worth boosting.

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have A Record Deal

The following is a list of reasons why record execs may be giving you the cold shoulder, and things you can do to help solve this: in short, this is how to make your band look very attractive to a record company.

Your Fans Are Your Life-Blood, But…

Catering to your fans, and making yourself their best friend can boost your career like nothing else in the industry. But if you don’t know your fans, you will never grow that audience, you will not build that reputation, and you will not sell merchandise.

Creative Promotion: DIY Or Leave It Up To The Label?

You have to treat your band as a business and put a corresponding effort into it, and yes – you have to be creative not only with your music. But is it all really about doing it on your own?

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Are Music Videos Cheating?

You’re not going to make very much money in touring. Not when you’re first starting out. The peak money in touring is normally found about 20 years after breakout success, regardless of the era.

Music And Money

Music is a business, which means that ultimately, no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t be, it all comes down to the money. Yes, it may bastardize pure art, but that hasn’t stopped record companies before and it won’t in the future. You’ve got to be proactive about what you want to do with your band if you want to avoid being taken advantage of in the future.