‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ – The Perils Of Band Budgeting

Budgeting is something that I witness independent acts royally cocking up all the time; even some of the more successful ones.

How To Settle Band Disputes

Sometimes disputes can make or break a band, but without them positive change can be difficult, so the art of compromise and democratic decisions is key in settling band disputes.

MxPx On Music Business: ‘Everything Is DIY Today’

Punk legends MxPx have been in the music industry for long enough to know how much the show biz world changed during the past several years. And if a band, used to be signed on a major label, went DIY to get maximum of its success, isn’t it the right time to rethink your own goals once again?

Fire Your Slacker Band! Part IV: Basic Recording

At this point in the articles, we’ve established a project, written a few songs, got some cool words to sing (if that’s what we’re into), and we’re ready to rock, right? Hold on, soldier! We need some gigs, fans, and downloads.


Fire Your Slacker Band! Part III: Songwriting For Rock Musicians

This installment furthers the cause of what I call the evolution of teaching. That’s right – learning from my Neanderthal mistakes puts you further along the path of musical evolution and enlightenment. After singing, this next topic was my biggest obstacle as a musician!

Starting A Band: The Basics

Here, I’ll be telling you how to get started, get serious, and get going with your (no doubt) illustrious career, with examples from a hefty number of bands I’ve had the pleasure of either knowing or being a part of. And even if you don’t get anywhere, hey, maybe you’ll get laid.