Emo – A Real Genre?

I’m not one for criticizing other people’s musical tastes/genres, but I seriously don’t think there’s a genre of music called “emo”. For the past few years now, there’s been this uproar evolution of punk music, known only as “emo”, which is stupid when you think about it.

Kill Brand Clothing: When Fashion And Music Unite

Becoming increasingly near to reaching its tenth year of existence, the label launched yet another new clothing line in 2009’s closing months, uniting with All Time Low’s Zack Merrick.

Holiday STS9 Giveaway! Or That’s What I Call Quality Merch

Enter to win a pack of spectacular STS9 merchandise! This electronic jam band not only make great tunes, it also services fans with really great products.

Turn On The Fans. Part 1

Your success in sharing your music with the world and influencing others to produce good music requires making a run of sounds that will sell to people. So what do we do so that we can sell without “selling out”? The main thing – if it does not hurt the music or artistic intent, do it.