Darren Hayes On Forming Own Record Label

The multi-platinum artist and former member of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes issues Secret Codes & Battleships. In this exclusive interview to Dotted Music, he talks on challenges of forming a record label.

Shall Four Become Three?

When Warner Music Group was sold to Access Industries in May, it was widely expected that the sale of EMI would follow suit. However, for the first time since WMG was put up for sale, the music industry Big Four are preparing for the possibility of further concentration of the music market.

Roadrunner Records’ SignMeTo: Bringing A&R To Fans And Unsigned Bands

Roadrunner Records has announced the launch of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records, a dynamic new free service that mimics the actual A&R process using social networking tactics.

Why You Should Stop Looking For A Record Label

We’ve all sat at work fantasizing about that phone call from Universal offering you a million dollar advance! The reality is that labels no longer take shots with a band based on a demo track. Yet bands are still sending demo after unsolicited demo to companies and waiting by the phone.

Benefits Of Being An Indie Musician

The opportunities for indie artists have never been greater. And yes, the waters on how to be successful have never been murkier, but that’s only because there are so many wonderful options to pursue, avenues to follow, methods to use and results to achieve.

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have A Record Deal

The following is a list of reasons why record execs may be giving you the cold shoulder, and things you can do to help solve this: in short, this is how to make your band look very attractive to a record company.