Get Your Music Heard By Record Labels

“How do I send a demo to a record label?” is one of the most common questions we get asked at WeSpin, our music growth training platform and community. So I sought out to answer it.

artin Frascogna Talks On The Anti-360 Deals And International Music Promotion #Podcast

MGT11: International Music Promotion & The Anti-360 Deals – Martin Frascogna

In this We Spin Recipes podcast episode, we talked about the books Martin has co-written, the 360 Deals, the Anti-360 Deals, promoting music acts in new countries, partnerships, Billboard charts & more.

MGT05: From Dubplates To DJ Promo Subscriptions – Chris Gorsuch (Promo Hutt)

You will learn how DJs get pre-released tunes and what labels do to get better exposure in this conversation with Chris Gorsuch from Promo Hutt.

The Unconventional Guide To Getting Signed By A Record Label

Do you have great music and want to score a record deal? Or have you always wondered how artists got through to big labels and ended up getting signed?

Making Your Record A Priority At Your Label

Many naive acts who manage to get a recording contract with a label believe that just because you get signed to a record label automatically means that you’ll be treated well by your label. Not so.

Sarah Lenore

Birdman And Slim Sign Country Singer Sarah Lenore

A recent move that has left some scratching their heads may prove advantageous to his label as hip hop Birdman and Slim has signed former America’s Got Talent finalist and a country singer Sarah Lenore.