Mobile Web Vs. Artist Websites

What if someone hears a band during the upcoming SXSW and wants to check them out via mobile phone? Will the artist websites be ready to serve up a quality mobile experience for fans? Managed by Dotted Music trio PLAYMA passes the test, read on for details!

Mobile Music Applications Analysis. Part 1

With revenue in 2014 predicted to be more than $25 billion, we decided to take a closer look at some of the most successful mobile music apps to understand the secret of their success – and why they’re making so much money.

Mobile Music App Revenue & Predictions

The surge in mobile music apps has been significant. But how much are they earning the music business, and what will change in five years?

Musicians Connecting With Fans Using Pay-Per-Minute Phonesites?

With the explosive growth of online social networking in recent years, musicians now have several ways to communicate with their fans. But broadcasting the minutiae of everyday life via tweets is not for everyone – be it the fan, or the musician.

Effects Of The Internet: Musical Mobility

Most people have become very familiar with the internet, and all associated software. In fact, with the advancement of technology, most people have become familiar with all sorts of new little devices and technologies that have flourished because of the internet.