Why And How You Can Find And Reward Your Devoted Fans

Word of mouth. Nothing beats word of mouth. The power of the elusive marketing strategy is immensely effective and one that social media sites like Twitter or Facebook find sustenance in.

Why Facebook Is The King And Twitter Is The Queen Of Social Sharing

Every band is creating a Facebook page, so why shouldn’t you? But, while your tutorials may have answered the “how,” no one has answered the question, “why” and “for what purpose?”

4 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Musicians

At the same time that today’s technology allows for new, independent bands to publish their music effortlessly online, if every other band is doing the same thing, there is more competition and you are just more noise.

Improving Web Traffic And Sales For Musicians And Bands

If you are a musician or in a band, chances are good that you’d like to make some money from your music. CD’s, digital downloads, t-shirts, bumper stickers… The question is, how do you get people to find what you’re selling?

Why A Musician Should Be On Twitter

For a long time I was a Twitter snob. I thought it was irrelevant, trivial and annoying and I refused to use it. But I was wrong. There are some very important reasons that you need to be using Twitter.

Accept Fan Finds An Epic Twitter Bug

After viewing the German heavy metal band’s new video, a Turkish fan entered “ACCEPT pwns” into his update box on Twitter, only to find out that someone named @pwns was now following him on Twitter.