Ways To Fund Your Music Career

As an independent musician, you may struggle with coming up with all of the money to produce your next recording project or event or launch your career properly. Here are some traditional as well as not-so-well-known ideas.

Buckcherry: More Music Business Lessons From Kiss

By one little and nice coincidence, today I’ve got a follow-up article to last week’s interview with Micki Free, who spoke about the influence of Kiss’ Gene Simmons.

How To Get More People To Come To Your Shows. Part 2

I’ll give you 2 great examples by comparing two rock bands I know. I’ll show you how one of these bands totally packed their next several shows and the other band missed their opportunity to do the same by making a critical mistake.

How To Get More People To Come To Your Shows. Part 1

It’s not only about getting ‘new’ people to come and see your band, but even most of your own friends and fans typically don’t come to your live shows regularly which is making it harder to get bigger and better gigs and make more money.

Accept Fan Finds An Epic Twitter Bug

After viewing the German heavy metal band’s new video, a Turkish fan entered “ACCEPT pwns” into his update box on Twitter, only to find out that someone named @pwns was now following him on Twitter.

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have A Record Deal

The following is a list of reasons why record execs may be giving you the cold shoulder, and things you can do to help solve this: in short, this is how to make your band look very attractive to a record company.