How To Expand Your Twitter Audience: Tips For Musicians

Twitter outlines the importance of leveraging their marketing tool efficiently while providing pointers for entrepreneurial musicians and bands.

Soundcloud fake track

Becoming A SoundCloud Superstar With Fake Fans

One man you’ve never heard of juices his numbers, buys followers and fake plays and is becoming the star you always dreamed of. This is how he does it.

Don't Ignore This

Ignoring Your Fans: The Quickest Way To Fail As a Musician

A guest post from Ariel Hyatt, the founder of Ariel Publicity, a New York based digital PR firm. Want your fans to reward you? Read on and learn this #1 rule.

NYC Band PUi To Make Video From Fans-Filmed Footage Of Public Stunt

New York City band PUi is preparing an interesting live campaign in order to be filmed for their music video for the new single. The cool part is that the band is making it up to the fans to direct their music video.

5 Social Media Strategies To Interact With Your Fans

It’s always a benefit to both your band and your fans to give back to the very collective who are the very reason for your existence and success. Here are five ways found from around on the socialweb to bring a smile to your fan’s faces.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Nine: Not Forgetting The Individual

Success does not automatically decide to come. Once you ‘make it’, it’s important to recall the people that got you there through their own work.