Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield Talks About SoundCloud

When Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield was as far from home as a human can get, he used SoundCloud to share the sounds of the International Space Station and connect with everyone back on Earth.

5 Annoying Conversations Non-musicians Will Have With You

Dreama writes about the conversations that non-musicians would do better to avoid when talking to musicians.

DJ Tiësto Doesn’t Spend His Money Because He’s ‘Too Busy Working’

DJ Tiësto is on record saying that he doesn’t have time time spend his money because he’s “too busy working”; but he admits to renting expensive yachts, being the owner of a private jet and more houses than he can count. Whenever did he buy them!

Dotted Music Community Player Launched!

After two weeks of the backend work, specifically – collecting music from Dotted Music readers not minding their songs to be featured on the blog – we are finally revealing the Community Player!

Is Counterfeit Music Behind Our Health Problems?

The U.S. Trade Representative’s annual report on so-called Notorious Markets highlights the most notorious agents of copyright infringement on the world wide web.

Slash Arcade Rocker: The Real Rhythm Game Deal

Here goes some real Arcade rock n’ roll. This week, Ultimate Guitar’s Mobile Development Division released Slash’s Arcade Rocker, a groundbreaking music/rhythm mobile app game featuring songs of the legendary guitar icon.