Bill Knowlton Of ‘It’s About Real Music With Real Instruments’

Bill Knowlton of the We Love Metal blog talks to Dotted Music’s Alex Gilbert about the future of print media, digital marketing, music journalism, places to party out in Canada, and – of course – metal!

Using Innovation For Setting Yourself Apart From Other Artists

The biggest thing that you, as an independent artist or musician, can do to for your own career is to find a way to set yourself apart from the pack.

Emo – A Real Genre?

I’m not one for criticizing other people’s musical tastes/genres, but I seriously don’t think there’s a genre of music called “emo”. For the past few years now, there’s been this uproar evolution of punk music, known only as “emo”, which is stupid when you think about it.

iPad Music Instruments: This Is Getting Interesting

You know how many music making applications have been released for iPhone’s tiny touch screen. Now, think of iPad – as it’s the tablet’s turn. Despite its technical limitations, possibilities for developers seem endless.

Three New Movies For Inspiring Your Musical Career

72 Musicians, Don’t Quit Your Daydream, and The Runaways. These are three new movies that I have discovered this week and that I take the liberty of describing as “inspiring” even before watching them.

Coachella 2010: A Sneak Peek

The event, taking place from April 16-18 in Indio, California, will see the likes of a variety of artists; from East Coast rapper Jay-Z, to British alternative rock band Muse, to alternative/electronica animated group Gorillaz, as well as countless other great artists.