Rock Is Dead (In The USA)

Don’t let the Grammys fool you. Rock is dead. The Grammys are a fairly conservative association that tends to reward those whose creative peak is past them. A better indicator are year-end sales (easily found if you google “Billboard year-end charts”). One look over the 2009 year-end charts and one thing stands out: the lack of any top rock acts.

New Generation Of Musician Branded iPhone Apps

During the last few months I noticed an interesting tendency while exploring various branded apps for artists in the App Store’s Music section.

Tunited: ‘The New Music Industry’ Website To Be Launched In April

Founders of Tunited, a new music community website set to “revolutionise the music industry”, just launched a blog to beguile the time before a full roll-out of the project in April 2010.

Turn On The Fans. Part 1

Your success in sharing your music with the world and influencing others to produce good music requires making a run of sounds that will sell to people. So what do we do so that we can sell without “selling out”? The main thing – if it does not hurt the music or artistic intent, do it.

Roots Of Indie Punk Rock: The Legacy Of Ian Curtis Of Joy Division

Despite Curtis’ life having ended at a young age, his complete uniqueness in style and musical delivery has been a source of inspiration for many bands until this day.

Dotted Music Monday: Free MP3s From STS9, Bosques de mi Mente, Atlantic Connection

Monday has been declared a “Dotted Music Monday” here on DM, so today I’m free to speak about music as music, not a business. And today I will share some music that I discovered for myself last week.