Emmanuel Legrand On Publishing Trends And Importance Of Having A Team #Podcast

MGT12: Find Your Champions – Emmanuel Legrand

In this podcast episode, Emmanuel talked on publishing and publishers, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, and who may be owning you money.

Mary Ramos: How To Get Attention Of Music Supervisors #SAtN

An insightful interview with Mary Ramos, a music supervisor for Quentin Tarantino movies, recorded at Sync Summit Paris 2014.

History of MTV

How To Write Songs For Sync Licensing

Sync licensing is one of the best ways for musicians to earn additional income. Not only do you get paid for your work, but sync licensing is also an opportunity to open up your music to new fans.

Neil Gillis On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

Pretty Lights is to be respected for having found a way that works for him and his family of artists. As a music publisher by trade, our “chain of causality” is a bit different, but does intersect with some of his ideas.

Neil Gillis

Neil Gillis Of Round Hill Music On Daft Punk, Chris Caswell And Electronic Publishing

Round Hill Music has the honor of being the publishing partner of Chris Caswell. His work spans genres and decades. For today’s purposes, let’s focus on his current work with Daft Punk.

Licensing Music For Films, TV, Commercials, And Computer Games. Part 1

Whenever a producer of a film, television show, commercial, or computer game wants to use music in a project, there are two different kinds of licenses which come into play. Learn more in this excerpt from the 4th edition of “Music Is Your Business.”