MGT98: How To Start Licensing Your Music – Joyce Kettering

Joyce Kettering explains how to turn music licensing into a sustainable income stream, where to find good stock music libraries, what deals and companies to avoid, and a lot more. This show is all about getting your music placed!

MGT96: The Price Of Success In Music Licensing – Mike Goudreau

Mike Goudreau shares what he’s learnt after 10 years of licensing his music for hundreds of TV shows and feature films. From the types of deals to go after, to creating a catalogue that doesn’t get old.

MGT95: Kickstarting Music Gateway 2.0 – Jon Skinner

Jon Skinner, the founder and CEO of Music Gateway, is back to the Music Growth Talks podcast to talk about their just launched Kickstarter campaign aimed to fuel the October release of Music Gateway 2.0.

MGT93: Loudr, Revolutionizing The World Of Mechanical Licensing – Chris Crawford

Loudr’s CEO Chris Crawford explains how his company helps artists, digital distributors, and music services identify rights holders, secure mechanical licenses, and pay royalties to music publishers.


MGT35: How To Write A Bio

From this recording, you will learn the proven and optimal structure of a biography, based on a real-world example. It’s a simple formula that every artist can implement.

MGT13: Sync Licensing Insights From Epidemic Sound – Oscar Höglund

Oscar Höglund is the CEO of Epidemic Sound, a sync licensing company with a special concept. Here he talks about how the industry works, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting your songs licensed.