MGT104: Baby Steps Towards A Successful Music Career – Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt, the founder of Cyber PR, talks about the importance of starting your marketing campaign with a story, explains the different types of fans and how to identify your core audience, and more. Get a FREE physical copy of Ariel’s “Crowdstart” book at the link inside!

MGT100: Making Music Distribution Simple – Philip Kaplan (DistroKid)

Philip Kaplan, a serial entrepreneur and founder of DistroKid, talks about releasing over a thousand albums per day with a team of less than 10 people, how easy distributing your music should be, mortality, and more.

MGT97: From DJ Star To Artist Coach – JoeySuki

JoeySuki had achieved a huge success as a DJ and producer, but he discovered the price you pay for such success, as well. In this podcast episode, Joey talks about the burnout he went through, and how he discovered the passion for coaching other artists.

MGT88: Musicpreneur Hub, A Quora For The Music Industry – Tommy Darker

Musicpreneur Hub by Tommy Darker is “a music knowledge platform,” created to connect handpicked music industry experts with musicians. Listen to this podcast episode for a better understanding of Musicpreneur Hub, as well as tips on asking questions on the platform.

MGT81: Dave Kusek’s Ticket To Music Success

Dave Kusek, the founder and former CEO of Berklee Online, is helping artists develop successful careers through his New Artist Model online music business school. Learn how it all works in this podcast episode.

Alex Cowles

MGT57: Why You Haven’t Produced Enough Music – Alex Cowles (Stillhead)

Alex Cowles, a.k.a. Stillhead, talks on his new How To Self Release course, changing artist names, tips to send music to labels, branding tips, and much more.