CD-Vinyl: Innovation Or Perversion?

The thingy in question is a new single by French hip-hop producer Wax Tailor, released in a format aptly titled CD-Vinyl – which can be played in a CD player as well as on a turntable.

Cheap Trick: The Kings Of 8-Track

As Wired properly noticed, you’d doubtfully surprise anyone with releasing an album on an 8-track tape. In the ’70s. But in 2009, the idea looks like an effective marketing move. So, who’s done that? Cheap Trick, crazy veteran rockers from Illinois.

Ruin Your Guitar, For Profit!

A hunt for new ways to promote an upcoming record can bring you to quite devastating, literally, actions.

Dotted Music: Instead Of A Foreword

I really tried to launch this blog as soon as I could. Even about three weeks ago, when almost everything was ready for kicking off… At least this is what my brain is telling me, nervously trying to find an excuse to its restlessness and understanding, that what you are reading here is definitely not what I was going to put as my first blog post.