Stand Above The Noise, A Platform For Your Music Marketing Campaigns #SAtN

In this interview from Berlin Music Week, Jørn Haanæs, the CEO of Soundrop, explains what their recent product does, how it compares to competitors, and how music is discovered today.

Berlin Music Week 2014 Teaser

Here’s a short video preview of the Stand Above The Noise interviews filmed at Berlin Music Week 2014. Watch out for new episodes starting next week!

One Spark, The World’s First Crowdfunding Festival, Comes To Berlin #SAtN

Our interview with One Spark, “The World’s Crowdfunding Festival,” a global platform to connect artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries with the resources they need to get projects off the ground.

Music Xray: How It Works (Video) #SAtN

This is an interview with Mike McCready, a Co-Founder and CEO of Music Xray, a platform allowing artists to submit their music to industry professionals.

SynchTank: Streamlining The Sync Pitching Process #SAtN

An interview with Josh Allegro from SynchTank, a music management platform for the licensing industry: its specifics, who it is built for, working with the likes of Disney, and the importance of keeping music meta data in order.

Fanu: Do What You Do, Don’t Give Up #SAtN

This is a conversation with Fanu, a.k.a. FatGyver (real name Janne Hatula), a jungle and hip hop producer from Helsinki. Every musician watching this video will find interesting thoughts in here!