Music Download And Stream, Neither Black Nor White…The ‘Grey Spot’ Is Taking Over

As a music manager I frequently get confronted with the question if I am pro or against illegal and/or free music download and streaming…

How To Settle Band Disputes

Sometimes disputes can make or break a band, but without them positive change can be difficult, so the art of compromise and democratic decisions is key in settling band disputes.

CDs To Be Dead In Five Years?

The chief-executive of one of the largest entertainment retailers in the UK says the CD will be dead in five years time. What do you think on this?

Shall Four Become Three?

When Warner Music Group was sold to Access Industries in May, it was widely expected that the sale of EMI would follow suit. However, for the first time since WMG was put up for sale, the music industry Big Four are preparing for the possibility of further concentration of the music market.

ReThink Music, A Global Dialogue For Change

We at the Restoring Music Foundation believe the key to valuing music lies where it all began, a thought. The battle ground is in the mind.

Defining The Music Industry Crisis

The article by Chris Purifoy, Co-founder of the Restoring Music Foundation, and is based upon a crowdsourced research document titled, “Defining the Music Industry Crisis.”