The Fork In The Road For Technology Companies In The Music Industry

The technology companies that share a love for music have been patiently waiting to drop bombs of innovation from their B-2’s behind the stone curtain walls of the recording industry.

Save The 100 Club: Helping The UK Live Scene

The birthplace of British swing, jazz and punk rock, where Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks played its now-legendary Punk Festival in September 1976, The 100 Club is to be closed by the end of the year. There is a slight chance to save it, however, if you help the venue to survive.

Effects Of The Internet: Cashing In On The Digital Economy

While your average street musician can upload a few tracks onto MySpace and get a few more people coming down to watch them bang the drum, the bigger guys still have the contacts to fill a venue on that alone.

As I Lay Dying: It Is About Doing More On Tours

In an interview posted on Ultimate Guitar minutes ago, a guitarist of the legendary metal band As I Lay Dying, Nick Hipa, made a simple, but so right comment about performing live and touring nowadays.

Rock Is Dead (In The USA)

Don’t let the Grammys fool you. Rock is dead. The Grammys are a fairly conservative association that tends to reward those whose creative peak is past them. A better indicator are year-end sales (easily found if you google “Billboard year-end charts”). One look over the 2009 year-end charts and one thing stands out: the lack of any top rock acts.

Image credit: Gripweed on Pixdaus

Investing In Indie Bands: A Business Model To Support The Music Industry

Using the stock exchange as a basis for my business model, I’ve constructed a theoretical approach to help support up-and-coming bands, starting from when they’re still at their earliest stages of their artistic and commercial development.