The N.E.R.D Of The Music Fashion Industry

Hip-hop has endured a turbulent love affair with fashion, with years of examples gone by of how the two can marry perfectly or get it horribly wrong.


The Odd Future Of Hip-Hop Marketing

Rows upon rows of enthusiastic fans dressed from head to toe in Supreme wait patiently on a freezing cold afternoon in central London for controversial hip-hop group Odd Future to arrive…

Best Things In Life Aren’t Free!

For years I had been messing around with various software packages, synths and plugins but never really bothered to learn how to use them properly. This all changed about two years ago…


What Is Your Value As A Musician?

There are many venues that pay. The question you need to ask is… With all the bands they can pay, why should they pay you? What’s so good about your band that they should pay you.


Do Musicians Really Benefit From Streaming Services? #INFOGRAPHIC

Music streaming sites seem like an obvious way for musicians to gain exposure and earn compensation for their work. However, things aren’t always as they seem.

Christine Ben-Ameh

Record, Produce, Master, Distribute And Promote Your Song On A Budget

Artists independently have to strategize the most cost effective ways to produce, promote and distribute their music and videos.