This Is My Jam’s Hannah Donovan On The State Of Design In Music #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise interview, Hannah shared her thoughts on the state of design in the music industry and importance of visual representation of an artist.

MGT10: Try A Million Things Until Something Works – Jack Conte

Jack Conte, the founder of Patreon and one half of the legendary Pomplamoose – talked to Andrew Apanov about his projects, YouTube, if it’s possible to replicate past success, tech trends, and electronic music.

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Music-Related Multi-Channel Networks: The Guide

Whether you’ve never heard of an MCN or whether you’ve been with one since last year for heavens’ sake, we thought you’d appreciate a quick roundup of the music-related MCNs currently in operation.


Promoting Music With Lyric And Still Image Videos

How can artists without music videos still take advantage of YouTube in engaging fans and marketing their music?

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How To Market Your Music Through YouTube

People love finding new bands online, and if your group is ready to broaden its fan base, creating a YouTube video is the way to go.

Looking For Patrons!

Doesn’t it sound cool to be a patron of a creative project? It does to us!