4 OK Go Videos That Went Viral

Although the four-piece band from Chicago have an excellent catalog of songs spanning their three studio albums, they are perhaps best known for their quirky and often elaborate music videos, which have helped them to become an internet sensation.

YouTube Music Branding: 5 Essential Strategies

With 48 video hours uploaded every minute, 3 billion videos viewed on an average daily and 70% of traffic coming from non-US countries, musicians cannot ignore the power of YouTube networking.

YouTube logo

How To Optimise Your Online Video

More businesses and musicians are realizing just how important videos are to the success of their marketing campaigns.

The Big Four’s Digital Arms Race: Google’s Victory?

Data published by comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in digital market research, shows youtube to be an important market for the biggest record labels’ promotion of their artists.

Making Of: First Ever Dotted Music Video, ‘Cant Hide’

Let’s step back a bit and have some fun this Saturday evening! Here is a video produced by Dotted Music Media, for “Cant Hide” by Alex Prestige, with some photos from the filming process.

Musicians Wanted: Youtube’s New Tool For Artists

Only bands from the US were allowed to take advantage of this new service as Youtube’s policy prohibited bands across the globe from using the tool. Now, Youtube has lifted this ban and artists, musicians, and bands from around the world are now capable of using this new, easy-to-use service.