Byta: A Service For Sharing Pre-Release Music

Are you looking for an alternative to private SoundCloud links or WeTransfer files, whenever you need to share some tracks? Byta is a new service which allows you to privately send and receive digital audio.

UnlockTHIS: Creating Gateways To Great Content

You might know Budi Voogt as the guy behind Heroic Recordings and The Soundcloud BIble. Now he’s got something new in the works: the like-to-download platform UnlockTHIS.

Dotted Music Partners With SplashFlood, An Exciting New App For Musicians

Dotted Music is proud to announce that it is now working with SplashFlood, a free game-changing mobile app currently being developed to help talented musicians.

Ditto Music Divulges The Secret To Cracking The Charts

Lee Parsons, CEO and founder of Ditto Music, knows a thing or two about breaking the charts and shares his knowledge in the free e-book “How To Release A Top 40 Single”.

ToneDen - A modern platform for modern musicians

ToneDen: A Modern Platform For Modern Musicians

Toneden is a platform run by a forward-thinking three man team, who are committed to providing tools that enable artists to build a true fan base and connect with those fans as easily as possible.

S3stat For Podcast Analytics

While Amazon S3 (which we use for the WeSpin Recipes podcast) is great and affordable, there were certain stats that we wanted to know. How do listeners access the podcast? From what browsers or apps? Here’s the solution we have found.