Splashflood App

SplashFlood Launches New Talent-Based App To Help Artists Promote Their Music

SplashFlood has released its new music app giving new talents a different kind of platform to get their music discovered. The app is now available on iOS!


MGT41: Rewarding Listeners For Discovering The Future Hits With IQzic – Jim Hodson

Jim Hodson, the founder of IQzic, talks to Josh Urban about how their music discovery service – which lets fans select which bands they think will do best (similarly to picking stocks).

Jonathan Yaari

Soundudes For Soundcloud Growth: Interview With Jonathan Yaari

Jonathan Yaari talks on the Soundudes’ mission to help artists, the app’s algorithm and features, what other platforms Soundudes is going to support soon and how to avoid the harmful automation.

Byta: A Service For Sharing Pre-Release Music

Are you looking for an alternative to private SoundCloud links or WeTransfer files, whenever you need to share some tracks? Byta is a new service which allows you to privately send and receive digital audio.

UnlockTHIS: Creating Gateways To Great Content

You might know Budi Voogt as the guy behind Heroic Recordings and The Soundcloud BIble. Now he’s got something new in the works: the like-to-download platform UnlockTHIS.


MGT33: Making A Splash In The Flood Of Music – Chris Thompson (SplashFlood)

Chris Thompson talks about startups, how SplashFlood is different from anything else available on the market, and what the “Influence Builder” is.