MicControl Interview Series: The Blogging Side Of Music

On Monday, June 7th began a week-long interview series entitled ‘The Blogging Side Of Music’. This 5-part series explores the dos and don’ts, the styles and techniques, and ultimately the tips and strategies of a successful music blogger.

Effects Of The Internet: Cashing In On The Digital Economy

While your average street musician can upload a few tracks onto MySpace and get a few more people coming down to watch them bang the drum, the bigger guys still have the contacts to fill a venue on that alone.

Recording In The Home

While the need to record in a professional studio used to be the standard, the same quality of recordings can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home – you just need to know what you are doing. On Monday, April 19th will begin a week-long interview series entitled ‘Recording In The Home’.

Dotted Thoughts: #1 iPhone Music App, Games From Gorillaz And Noisia

A round-up of the latest news and stories from the Dotted Thoughts blog (a part side of the Dotted Music project, which I told you about last week).

Dotted Music Round-Up: March, 2010

I’m delighted to share with you few Dotted Music related news, which I hope you will find useful enough to use and share. Five months into blogging, I feel the right to post this first ever Dotted Music round-up.

Swimming In A Sea Of Nets

Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a massive pond? The interwebs is very much a vast ocean when it comes to what can be accessed, what is out there, and how there are sites upon sites that I have yet to discover. Now as a publicist for the past six or so years, I have come a pretty long way.