Chew: Live Streaming Made Easy For DJs, By DJs is the latest mobile app with the interesting twist that it is developed for the niche market of DJs that want to stream their sets live for free.


MGT34: Getting Licensed Through MusicGorilla – Alexia Erlichman

Alexia Erlichman talks on the reasons MusicGorilla has an exceptional customer support, how it’s different from similar services, and if it’s the right fit for you.

Michael Hoy On BoomboxFM Launch And Music Curation

MGT27: BoomboxFM, Music Curation And Promotion – Michael Hoy

Michael Hoy, the co-founder of BoomboxFM, talks on the evolution of the platform – from Indie Bundles, to Music Box, to its current (and final) title, BoomboxFM.

A Look Into Beatdek, An EDM Advertising Platform #Podcast

MGT26: Pay For Real Plays? Beatdek, EDM Advertising Platform – Lex Davis

Beatdek co-founder, Lex Davis, shares how their credits system works, what are the different ways to discover new music on this EDM site, and talked about label promotion and his tips on networking.

ToneDen - A modern platform for modern musicians

ToneDen: A Modern Platform For Modern Musicians

Toneden is a platform run by a forward-thinking three man team, who are committed to providing tools that enable artists to build a true fan base and connect with those fans as easily as possible.

The Gateway To Music Collaboration

The Internet is great at connecting people, but when it comes to finding your next musical adventure, things can get tricky. Music Gateway sets out to connect you with music industry professionals and collaborators.