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The Best US Cities For Musicians (That Are Not NYC Or LA)

The Big Apple and the City of Angels boast success for many musicians, but the music world is vaster than just two cities.


Buying Concert Tickets On The Go – Smartphone Concert Ticket Apps Explored

Here we reveal the top ticket apps for your Smartphone that are currently available on the market and exactly why you need to download them.


We Want Shows: New Online Tool Helps Finding Shows

We Want Shows is the brainchild of Matt Sparks, Musician, Developer and Designer from Lexington, KY, who promises to alleviate problems finding shows-related information online through this tool.

U2 gig by boldorak2208

Stay On The Scene – Why Networking Should Come Before Gigging

You have to get out there and actually start engaging and interacting with your local music scene if you want to get anything out of it. The rewards are there for those who are willing to get involved.

Practical Tips for Touring

Practical Touring Tips

Artists, even the most successful ones, often make the majority of their money on the road. Not only is touring necessary to build and maintain a fan base, but if done well, it can also be very lucrative.


The Rise Of The Rock Festival #Infographic

From Ancient Greece to Lollapalooza, get a look at some of the biggest music festivals in the world, the current trends in festival attendance, a portrait of the typical festival-goer, and a look at what happens when music festivals go wrong.