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Musicians On The Road: Finding Rehearsal Spaces With Open Studio

A brief review of Open Studio, a service allowing to hourly and monthly rehearsal studios to list their available rooms, and musicians to find available studios in their area using their zip code or city.

How To Get More People To Come To Your Shows. Part 2

I’ll give you 2 great examples by comparing two rock bands I know. I’ll show you how one of these bands totally packed their next several shows and the other band missed their opportunity to do the same by making a critical mistake.

How To Get More People To Come To Your Shows. Part 1

It’s not only about getting ‘new’ people to come and see your band, but even most of your own friends and fans typically don’t come to your live shows regularly which is making it harder to get bigger and better gigs and make more money.

As I Lay Dying: It Is About Doing More On Tours

In an interview posted on Ultimate Guitar minutes ago, a guitarist of the legendary metal band As I Lay Dying, Nick Hipa, made a simple, but so right comment about performing live and touring nowadays.

A Love For The Game

Recently, Metal Blade Records announced a website dedicated solely to spreading the word of Heavy Metal to the masses, which they called Metal Blade TV. It is a place for metalheads to go and see video interviews and segments from some of their favorite Metal Blade artists in addition to other notable metal musicians and bands.

Coachella 2010: A Sneak Peek

The event, taking place from April 16-18 in Indio, California, will see the likes of a variety of artists; from East Coast rapper Jay-Z, to British alternative rock band Muse, to alternative/electronica animated group Gorillaz, as well as countless other great artists.