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GigsWiz: Artist-Powered Ticketing Service Officially Launched

GigsWiz, the “next generation ticketing service” where artists, promoters and venues work together to sell more tickets for live music events, has announced their official launch at New Music Seminar.

Live Performance: Give Them More Than They Expect

There is one surefire way to put your act in demand and increase your income. That is to consistently deliver more than expected and more than you are getting paid for.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Three: Creating A Unique Performance

Making a performance that pulls in every person in the room is important. Being the opener that eclipses the headliner by means of being memorable is even better.

Save The 100 Club: Helping The UK Live Scene

The birthplace of British swing, jazz and punk rock, where Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks played its now-legendary Punk Festival in September 1976, The 100 Club is to be closed by the end of the year. There is a slight chance to save it, however, if you help the venue to survive.

Tips On Being Your Own Concert Promoter

Some artists work tirelessly to book themselves in all kinds of venues. Others have developed enough of a following that they are now in demand and the venues come knocking on their door. But there is also a 3rd kind of artist…

TheLiveLine: Get On The Phone With Your Fans

Ever wanted to call your favorite (most hated?) artist, listen to his or her voice talking to you and leave him (or her) a very personalized, sincere message? There is a service for that, and it can do much more.