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‘Echo With The Sounds Of Salesmen’ – How To Promote Yourself At A Gig

When you play gigs, you have an opportunity to promote your product to a public that may be prospectively interested in what you have to offer.

Musik & Talang Project Manager: ‘The Pay-To-Play Scheme Hasn’t Come To Finland Yet’

An interview with Simon Ventus, project manager of Musik & Talang – annual music business conference for independent musicians, held in Finland (primarily for Swedesh-speaking audience).

Online Tools Every Concert Promoter Should Use

With information expanding as quickly as it is, time will only tell how difficult it is to stand above the noise. But what if you could make technology work for your concerts?

HMV In Apollo Hammersmith Venue Sale

Is HMV’s sale of the Hammersmith Apollo in keeping with the Group’s overall strategy?

The Top 5 Things You HAVE To Do To Promote Your Event Online

Promoting events, like concerts or other live music shows, is time-tested work. The problem with this mindset is that it may keep people “doing the same things and expecting the same results.” To prevent not moving forward we’ve assembled a list of 5 things you just HAVE to do to promote your events online.

Making Money As A Musician Without Touring

For many artists, touring is simply not an option. There are thousands of reasons for this, including other employment, not wanting to leave their families, health challenges etc. Whatever the reason, the good news is that it is still possible to make a decent income without going on the road.